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About Custom Pin and Lanyard Ordering | PinMart

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During our long history of creating custom products PinMart has developed a proven and tested system for quoting, proofing, and creating custom designed products. Our talented staff will take you step by step through the custom order process:

Step 1: Requesting a Quote
You can request a quote using our on-line
Quote Builder or by calling and speaking to on of our sales associates. After determining your needs and considering any artwork or ideas that you have, we will determine the most appropriate manufacturing process to meet your needs. From here we can give you a quote for your custom product.

Step 2: Designing your product
If you like your quote and want to proceed with your order, we now enter the design process. Based on your input and any artwork provided, our graphics arts department will create a virtual art sample for your product. You will have all the opportunity you need to request changes or modify your design. We will not start production until you are 100% satisfied with the design and your artwork is approved by you!

Step 3: Pre-Production Samples (if needed)
We offer the ability to created pre-production samples (actual product samples) as an additional form of verifying that your product will match your final expectations. There is an additional fee and added lead time for this service; please consult with your designer or customer service representative. Normally pre-production samples are used for high volume orders and/or complicated and unique designs. After your sample is approved (if needed) your order will go to full production.

Step 4: Production
During the production process your custom product will be inspected and checked for flaws and accuracy at various stages. Our factory takes pride in there work and we will not hesitate to correct any production issues. Your order will also be checked for quality and accuracy by your designer to insure that your product meets all the aspects of the original design.

Step 5: Product Completion and Shipping
Now you custom products are complete and shipped to you!

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