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Mission Statement

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It is PinMart’s mission to help its customers achieve their marketing goals through the use of our quality products sold at reasonable prices!

There are three primary goals in every marketing plan: create brand recognition, improve ones identity and make an emotional connection with customers, employees, contributors or volunteers.

  • Well-made lapel pins, bracelets or lanyards represent your organization in fine fashion because they strengthen corporate identities based on distinction and quality.
  • Brand recognition is easily created and reinforced with PinMart’s products. For each product launch, awareness campaign, or volunteer program you can relay a logo or message in a memorable way that works continually on their behalf. As others take notice, word-of-mouth marketing takes over as their message spreads.
  • Because Pinmart’s products have a high perceived value and are often thought of as jewelry or collectables, they help bolster an emotional connection between the company and its customers.
  • Employee relations are improved with PinMart’s products. A sense of pride comes with being recognized for performance and/or years of service. As employees grow within an organization, companies can enhance those feelings of pride by awarding PinMart’s products to those who have excelled. Employee relations can be greatly improved when a recognition program is set into place using any of PinMart’s products. Like metals on a military uniform, your staff will appreciate the recognition and will wear their awards with honor.

Pinmart’s products are great for:

  • Tradeshows
  • Product branding
  • Company branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Meetings, seminars or conventions
  • Employee awards
  • Building goodwill
  • Creating an emotional connection
  • Bolstering team spirit
  • Fundraising
  • and much more!
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