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Etched Soft Enamel Pins

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Etched Soft Enamel Lapel Pins


Etched Soft Enamel lapel pins are made by using a photographic negative to chemically etch your design into a brass base metal. Etched pins are thinner than die struck pins and therefore are often used for large pin designs where weight may be an issue. Etched Soft Enamel pins are also less costly at lower quantities because an expensive die does not have to be made for this type of pin.

Key Features: Lightweight & thin pin type that includes a smooth epoxy varnish.

Best uses: For larger designs when weight is a concern. For lower quantities when price is a concern

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How are Etched Soft Enamel pins made?


Etched Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are made by using a photographic negative to chemically etch your design into a brass base metal. This etching creates slightly raised and recessed areas. The recessed areas are filled with enamel colors and when combined with the raised metal areas your design comes to life. The pin is then plated in your choice of metal finishes, polished to a shine and a protective epoxy varnish is applied. Finally the attachment of your choice is applied and your custom lapel pin is packaged and ready for shipping!

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Example Pricing:


*Many other sizes and quantities available. The above prices are example prices only based on standard finishes and attachments. For an exact price based on your design and options please fill out our Detailed Quote Request form, or call us at 877-PINMART.


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