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Awareness Causes - Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Awareness Products

Domestic Violence occurs when one person in a relationship or marriage  dominates and controls their partner in a physical and violent manner. Both emotional and violent abuse leaves deep lasting scars, leading to anxiety and depression, and making the victim feel helpless and alone.  Domestic violence happens amongst all types of couples, all ages, ethnicities, and economic levels. While women are the ones most commonly victimized, men are also abused.

The first step to breaking free is recognizing and acknowledging the situation is abusive, then seeking help. There are many national and local community organizations that focus solely to the help of those suffering in this situation.  

The Domestic Violence Awareness color is purple and National Domestic Violence Month is recognized in October. When you wear our Domestic Violence lapel pin, you help raise awareness and support. These products are great tools for fundraisers, walks, awareness campaigns, and simple statements to support the awareness of Domestic Violence. 

 In addition to our Domestic Violence items, we offer a variety of pins in these categories:  Awareness Pins, and Religious & Inspirational.

Many of our products can be customized with company name, event, or logo. Give one of our custom products specialists a call at 877-746-6278 for more information.


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