Resellers / Distributors

Are you a Promotional Products Distributor or Awards and Recognition Professional? If so, you can find information about our wholesale / supplier company using our association member numbers as shown below:

You will find our best discounts and receive complete distributor support if you are a member of one of these associations.

ASI 47150

PPAI 198365

SAGE 62728


Use your member directory to find our supplier information

If you are not a member of one of these associates and you wish to become a reseller of our products you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have a Federal Tax ID No. and a State Tax Reseller Exempt No.
  2. Your company must be a promotional products reseller, advertising agency, awards and recognition company or otherwise actively engaged in the resale of like products and be able to provide evidence of these business activities.
  3. All of your purchases must be for resale.
  4. You must meet a $150 minimum order amount to receive your discount.
  5. You must fill out and submit an application form for review and approval. 

If you feel you meet these requirements please follow the link below, fill out the form and submit it for review. Please allow 2-3 business days for review.

CLICK HERE to Register.