Employee Appreciation Ideas

Employee Appreciation Ideas

Posted by Kristin Kizer on Feb 21st 2023

Employee appreciation day is Friday, March 3, 2023, and it’s a fantastic time to go above and beyond to let your team know how important they are to you. We’ve done a little digging and added our PinMart creative flair to come up with some clever employee appreciation ideas that will delight everyone. Pick one or load up and try several ideas to show your thanks.

What Is Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day occurs on the first Friday in March every year. This scheduled event is an opportunity for employers and managers to recognize your greatest asset, your employees, and acknowledge the work that goes into making your business a success.

In 1995 National Employee Appreciation Day was established by Bob Nelson of Workman Publishing. The idea behind creating a day to celebrate your staff is to strengthen positive connections and to acknowledge daily contributions.

Why Employee Appreciation is Important

Feeling respected, appreciated, and recognized for your efforts is a fundamental human need. Many studies on appreciation in the workplace have found that simply expressing gratitude has a far-reaching effect on morale and engagement. Not only that but showing appreciation can benefit both sides of the coin, making the giver of a compliment feel as good as the receiver.

We are in an era when employee engagement is critical, and maintaining a consistent work team that’s well-trained, and performing can save large amounts of money, time, and it keeps customers happy. Supporting your team by participating in National Employee Appreciation Day is just one way to boost engagement and cement strong working relationships.

Staff Appreciation Ideas

The following staff appreciation ideas are designed to give you a variety of options for showing employees how much they matter. From day-long extravaganzas to tokens they can keep and collect, we’ve cultivated an idea list that you can use in various situations.

Years of Service Collectible

Marking the years can feel heavy for some people, but if you give them a token of their time and call out their efforts, it becomes weightless. Years of service pins are a fantastic way to honor the years of commitment and dedication people have given your company. They become collectibles and a source of great pride.

Start your company’s appreciation pin program today. At PinMart, we have a pre-designed collection of pins, coins, and lanyards designed just for this purpose. We can also customize pins to feature your company logo, colors, and other branded messaging.

Local Business Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a valued way to show people you appreciate them. By focusing on supporting local businesses, you’re maximizing your impact. Spotlighting companies in your area supports your local economy and can give a much-needed boost to a small company. It also resonates with the businesses you select. You’re strengthening your company’s recognition and reputation while benefiting your local economy and rewarding your team.

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a simple and meaningful way to tell your team what they mean to you. Smaller businesses might not have a lot of room in the budget for recognition and this is an inexpensive way to show your thanks. Make sure the notes are meaningful and geared to the individual.

If you want to go above and beyond, turn it into a fun event for everyone. Hand each employee a post-it pad with “thank you” written on it. Encourage them all to write thank you notes to each other and use the entire pad. This lifts the morale across the company exponentially and leaves everyone smiling. Sure, coming up with that many thank yous might get silly, but imagine the memories and stories you’re creating.

Edible Treats

A common way to reward employees is by giving them a little treat. From donuts in the breakroom to a full-day chili cook-off competition, there are a lot of ways to treat their tummies and show your staff that they matter.

Make sure that everyone feels included by taking note of dietary restrictions. Having vegan or gluten-free donuts for the individuals who require them really means a lot and helps them feel genuinely valued and included.

Host an Awards Show

Whether you want to make this a serious event or a playful jest, an awards show is a great way to spotlight team members and bring everyone together for a joyful moment that doesn’t have any work stress involved.

Turning the awards show into an annual event with a bit of marketing hype in the office leading up to the big day can stretch your appreciation out over weeks while supporting engagement and good-natured fun.

Gift Baskets

The perennial gift basket lets you pile a few employee gift ideas together and add customized treats. Knowing each employee’s favorite snack is a great way to start the gift basket, then tuck in a company t-shirt, a gift certificate for a coffee at a local shop, and a thank you note. You’ve hit a lot of highlights and definitely warmed a spot in their hearts for their employer and the job they do every day.

Final Thoughts

Employee appreciation day can be the first step toward a culture that respects and values its employees, or it can be a way to cement an established environment that breeds engagement and enthusiasm. Taking the time to think of ideas that show your gratitude in meaningful ways will lift your team and create positive feelings that live on.

Not only that, but just the act of expressing gratitude is great for you personally. This beautiful cycle can form strong bonds and tie an entire company together, everyone working toward success results.

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