How Pins Can Thank Your Staff & Promote Your Brand

How Pins Can Thank Your Staff & Promote Your Brand

Posted by PinMart on Apr 1st 2020

How Pins Can Thank Your Staff & Promote Your Brand

Multi-tasking is essential. With so much to do and often not enough time or resources to achieve deliverables, organizations must think harder and smarter about accomplishing major goals. Companies are looking for clever ways to promote their businesses, increase brand awareness, and recognize employees. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that does all three: lapel pins

Lapel pins are a great solution for promoting and branding your business while giving kudos to your employees; they are also an understated fashion statement that key players can brandish with pride. Pins, while small, communicate a big message to those who work with the community at large. If your organization needs high-impact, low-cost ways to boost corporate identity, lapel pins are the answer.

Pins for Promotion

Employees aren’t the only people who benefit from lapel pins – the community at large will also welcome an opportunity to help spread the word about your company and mission. During your next trade show, community event, festival or expo, bring a sizable collection of lapel pins with you and see how many remain at the day’s end. Not only will you leave empty handed, as days go by, your organization will share its message with individuals from all over

Lapel Pins as a Branding Initiative

Branding is a science. It’s about uniformity and creating a concentrated message that gets delivered to the marketplace. Pins are just one way you can smoothly and seamlessly build brand awareness at a glance. Just ensure that the image of your project lines up with your logo and other branded items currently available, to avoid confusion.

Recognizing Your Employees with Elegance with Lapel Pins

While you can order standardized corporate lapel pins, you can also create your very own, elegant custom lapel pins. These generally overlook enamel or other less expensive materials in favor of pieces wholly constructed out of metals and more precious materials, offering class and sophistication not found with giant foam fingers or bumper stickers.

Pins as a Service Award

By far, the most popular use of organizational pins is to recognize employees for outstanding service or to commemorate special dates and milestones. Pins are a phenomenal way to recognize employees who have achieved a goal or broken a record, or simply to reward them for each passing year of their allegiance with your organization. Service pins can be custom made with your needs in mind or you can purchase one of the many in stock designs.

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