Lanyards a top versatile hype piece w/ good reason

Lanyards a top versatile hype piece w/ good reason

Posted by PinMart on Apr 1st 2020


You see them everywhere on college campuses. They’re rampant at trade shows. They’re vital to have around your neck when you’re trying to get backstage at a concert or a sporting event. Lanyards - one of the most versatile promotional pieces out there - and with good reason: they‘re inexpensive to create, are customizable in numerous ways, and they serve a functional purpose - not just a promotional one. They’re simply a must have for any group out there trying to build brand recognition.

Lanyards come in a wide variety of materials and decorating options, and it is this variety that is a central part of there appeal. Customers can select tube lanyards, printed polyester lanyards, full color lanyards or woven logo lanyards. All of these lanyards types offer different looks and accommodate simple text to the most complex logos or artwork. You can attach vinyl badges, bulldog clips, or mobile phone leashes to them. No matter what you’re looking to promote, or how you’re looking to do it, chances are a lanyard can accomplish it.

Businesses and hospitals can use badge lanyards to keep track of their visitors and vendors. This offers an alternative to pinning a badge to a shirt, is gender neutral, and prevents misplacing important documents that are needed day in and day out. Lanyards are also great to use to display recognition pins handed out throughout the year to outstanding employees.

Lanyards have become a staple at high schools and colleges and are often used to hold school ID cards. Students and teachers also use lanyards to hold keys, money, and cell phones. Schools commonly use lanyards as fundraisers, to encourage team spirit and as promotional tools.

And obviously from a promotional standpoint, lanyards are an ideal choice. When businesses go to trade shows they’re a best bet to hand out to passers by due to their low production cost, and more importantly, for the thousands of ways to customize them to suit the industry they represent.

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