PinMart's 2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

PinMart's 2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Posted by Kyle Johnson on Nov 22nd 2021

Holiday Pins

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‘Tis the season for snowmen and ugly Christmas sweaters! It’s fun receiving lapel pins during the holidays! They are budget-friendly and provide all the fun of dressing up for the merriest time of year. Lapel pins can be worn on pullovers and jackets (or T-shirts, or backpacks, or laptop bags … the list goes on!) for a little seasonal cheer that goes a long way!

The best part? PinMart has 50+ holiday pin designs that are ready to ship out today! Stick with stock holiday pins from PinMart, especially to fulfill last-minute gift giving.

Holiday Pin Project Ideas:

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  • Include in gift baskets at fundraisers, banquets, and galas

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  • Hand out to employees as favors at corporate holiday parties and meetings

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  • Add them to direct mail campaigns to reach new customers or add to gift certificates for a festive touch.

PinMart Recommends

Ugly Christmas Sweater Pin (C1314)

Ugly Christmas Sweater Pin (S1314)

The “ugly” sweater trend isn’t going anywhere. You will delight party goers and get a few giggles by handing out these pins at your holiday event.

Holiday Christmas Tree Pin (C170)

Holiday Christmas Tree Pin (S170)

Die-struck from jeweler's metal, gold plated and hand-filled with brilliant enamel colors, this pin will sparkle and shine just like the real thing.

Holiday Snowman Pin (C1497)

Holiday Snowman Pin (S1497)

Sure to get some smiles, this charming snowman pin makes a superb wintertime token of appreciation.

Holiday Santa Pin (C1496)

Holiday Santa Pin (S1496)

Perfect for displaying on lapels, lab coats, bag straps and more, this cheery Santa Claus will have you, employees or friends feeling merry and bright.

Personalized Engraved Pins

Ready to Ship in 3 Days!

Personalize your gifts to make them more impactful! PinMart carries over 50 different engravable pins that can be decorated with recipient names and special messages for a memorable gifting experience. Engraving is one of the most prestigious and long-lasting decoration methods too, which results in professional and high-quality gift for your employees, volunteers, or family members…they can withstand wear and tear over time.

To add to the personalized appeal, we carry a variety of recognition gifts for healthcare workers, armed forces and corporate anniversaries. We include designs that speak to specific causes and groups of professionals.


Caduceus Lapel Pin – Engravable (C2442E)

Engravable Caduceus Pin (S2442-P)

Nothing will convey to nursing professionals how much they are cared for quite like a jewelry-quality Cloisonne heart-shaped pin!

Caduceus Lapel Pin – Engravable (C2442E)

Caduceus Heart Lapel Pin – Engravable (S2434)

Nothing will convey to nursing professionals how much they are cared for quite like a jewelry-quality Cloisonne heart-shaped pin.


Caduceus Lapel Pin – Engravable (C2442E)

EngravableEMS Pin (S2441-P)

This pin makes a great gift for your favorite emergency medical worker! Have their name engraved on it for a personal touch.

Thin Blue Line Pin – Engravable (C2382E)

Thin Blue Line Pin – Engravable (S2382)

This pin is perfect for police departments to thank their hard-working officers for all they do. It is a jewelry-quality pin that may be personalized with a special message or an individual’s name.


United States Veteran Lapel Pin – Engravable (C2379E)

United States Veteran Pin – Engravable (S2026)

The perfect gift to thank veterans for their service, this premium pin will be held onto and worn for years to come.

Army Lapel Pin – Engravable (C2026E)

Army Lapel Pin – Engravable (S2026)

Perfect for commemoration banquets or award ceremonies by adding a personalized engraving on the bottom banner.