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Full Color Lanyards

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First Name
Last Name
How many lanyards do you want? (250 minimum)
Please select a material width
Please select a standard material color (this will be your back side color unless a 2 side imprint is selected)
Do you want to print just the front of the material or backside also Front and Back (2 side imprint add $25 Setup Cost)?
What do you want your lanyard to say; or upload artwork/design below
Select a font for your text or message; or upload artwork/design below
See Font Options
Do you have a logo or artwork that you want printed on your lanyards?
If yes, upload in here:
Use this comment box to tell our lanyard designers what you want your lanyard to look like.
The more details the better.
When do you need your lanyards?
If you have a specific event date let us know. Some types of lanyards take longer to make than others; if you give us your event date we can select a process that helps meet this date.

Please select your Primary Attachment
  • Metal Swivel hook
  • Plastic Swivel hook
  • Split key ring
  • Bulldog Clip
  • Bulldog Clip with PVC snap strap
  • Swivel Thumb hook
  • Oval hook
  • Japan hook
  • Carabineer hook
  • Mobile Phone Release Buckle
Please select your Additional Attachment (select all that apply):
  • Detachable buckle
  • Quick release safety - behind neck
  • Crimp clip
  • Sliding bead
  • Vinyl Badge Holder
  • Split key ring

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