3D Cast Pins






3D Cast Lapel Pins offer a level of detail and depth not attainable by a standard 2D die struck lapel pin. You can easily tell the difference between a 3D pin and a 2D die struck pin. A 3D cast lapel pin will have multiple surface levels at multiple angles to create a 3 dimensional look and feel. A 2D die struck lapel pin will simply have 2 levels (a raised flat level and a recessed flat level). 3D cast pins can be made in just about any size and shape and are available in many different plating options or finishes. We also have the ability to make your pin in pewter or the more economical standard zinc.

Key Features: True 3 dimensional look and feel; Surface of pin has many levels and angles.

Best uses: Great for designs that include animals or when you need a 3D design to show-off your detail





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How are they made? 

The manufacturing of 3D Cast Lapel Pins differs in many ways from Die Struck Lapel Pins. The biggest difference is in the way the pin is formed. 3D cast lapel pins use a rubber mold that accepts molten metal while die struck pins are made by stamping metal with a die. The use of a rubber mold and molten metal instead of a die striking solid metal allows for the 3D cast lapel pin to have more dimension and details. The mold is spun at a high revolution rate (sometimes called centrifugal casting) as molten metal  is added to a port on the mold. From here each pin is polished to remove burs, spurs, and any surface defects. If enamel is used in your design it is hand applied at this stage. Your pin is then plated in your choice of metal finishes and the selected attachment is applied. Finally we inspect each pin and package them individually in poly bags. Your 3D cast lapel pin is now ready to be shipped to you!

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