Die Struck Pins






Nothing beats the die struck lapel pin for pure simplicity and understated elegance! The die struck process is most notable for its raised polished surface and recessed textured background. Our die struck lapel pins use a brass or copper base metal chosen for its softness to achieve a high quality stamping. You can select from one of our many plating choices and options to make your design truly unique. Add a synthetic stone, consecutive numbering, or any of our packaging options to create a perfect gift, recognition, or anniversary pin.

Key Features: no enamel colors; embossed look and feel; usually made with raised polished surface and a recessed textured background.

Best uses: Corporate logos, Anniversary Pins, Recognition Pins, Service Pins.





How are Die Struck Pins made? 

We start by making a die with your design in it and we use this die to strike your design in a copper or brass base metal. We use copper or brass because the soft properties of these metals allow for a sharp and detailed stamping. A trim tool is then used to carefully cut out the outside shape of your lapel pin. If called for in your design we hand sand blast the pin to create the textured or “sandblast” background. The raised surface of your lapel pin is then polished to a mirror like finish while the background remains textured. This gives the die struck pin its distinct look. Finally, the attachment of your choice is applied and your pin is inspected for quality and packaged for shipping.

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Example Pricing:


Price Includes: Raised and polished surface with a recessed textured background, your choice of standard metal colors (plating), 1 clutch back, and each pin individually poly bagged.

 *Many other sizes and quantities available. The above prices are example prices only based on standard finishes and attachments. For an exact price based on your design and options please fill out our Detailed Quote Request form, or call us at 877-PINMART.


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