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Find affordable small gift ideas for friends, family & more in PinMart's Gift Guide. Share an inspirational message, a thank you, or connect across the miles.


Use Pins to Add Decorative Flair

Use a trendy lapel pin to fasten the bow on your wrapped gift. Pin a button or pin to a holiday card for a fun, affordable gift.* Note that this works best with pins with magnetic backs if you plan on using the US mail. Clip your favorite charms to ornament hooks or a chain to make personalized decorations. Add holiday or hobby pins to holiday stockings or a Santa hat to make a special gift.



Spread Holiday Cheer!

Small Gift Ideas with Big Meaning

When you put thought and feeling into your choices, even the smallest gifts can be incredibly meaningful. Engravable lapel pins give you space to add your own personal message for the recipient to shows that you remember an individual or event. Inspirational pins and products let you spread love and support to those who need a little positivity in their lives right now. Small, affordable gifts can be incredibly meaningful during difficult times; letting a friend or family member know that you're thinking of them and sending them good wishes can be one of the most important gifts of all


Inspirational Pins

Spread Kindness!



Send a Personal Message with Engravables

Engravable pins are a beautiful way to say "thank you" to those who have sacrificed to help keep us safe. In this challenging year, give one of our "health heroes" engravable pins to a nurse, doctor, EMT, or other medical professional. Choose an engravable nursing pin or first responder pin and add the person's name, the date, or another brief message of thanks and support. These make great small gift ideas for friends and family, or to neighbors in our community to put the care of others first. For those in the military, show your respect and appreciation with engravable military pins for all branches and veterans.



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