Motivation & Recognition Lanyards

Motivate and Recognize

Motivational lanyards are a great way to recognize a job well done and encourage others to succeed! Made in colorful designs on durable, comfortable polyester material, our lanyards are ideal for holding key cards and badges, employee or student IDs, keys, and other similar items. While features may vary slightly by style, most have an easy-to-use swivel thumb hook so that a badge can be attached, and many have a safety release at the nape of the neck to allow the lanyard to come off quickly if pulled. Motivational and recognition lanyards make affordable "thank you" gifts for employees or volunteers, or they can be given to attendees at conferences and other events!

When you buy recognition and motivational lanyards in batches of 5 or more of the same design, you'll save money on each piece. And the more you buy, the more you'll save! Order a few batches of lanyards that celebrate integrity, commitment, and creativity and give them out to your whole team! Everyone needs a lanyard for their badge or key card, so why not share a motivational message at the same time?

Create Lanyards with Your Custom Design

Do you want a specific logo, organization name, or saying on your motivational lanyard? We can help — and you just might be surprised by our low prices and minimum quantities. Visit our custom lanyards page to learn about your options and order custom recognition lanyards for your next event or meeting. Give us a call at 877-746-6278 if you want to talk about your custom design, options, or ordering.

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