Sports Lanyards

Celebrate Your Team with Sports Lanyards

Whether you're a player, a coach, or a die-hard fan, sports lanyards are a great way to show your loyalty and support for the team. Many schools now require that students, teachers, and coaches wear identification when on campus, so why not get team lanyards for every player and each person on staff? You'll find a fun selection of colors and styles at PinMart, including a variety of paw print designs in your team's colors. Our sports lanyards are made with high-quality, durable polyester, and we use a UV-protected, colorfast dye to keep them looking bright. They also have a breakaway safety buckle at the back of the neck, allowing the lanyard to release quickly when pulled for added protection.

Wear Your Sports Team Lanyard with Pride

You can buy your favorite sports lanyards as individual pieces, but when you purchase in batches of 5 or more, you'll save money on each piece! We're comfortable with bulk orders and can handle as many team lanyards as you need for your organization. Why not give them out at the big game or get one for every member of the pep club? Everyone at your school needs a lanyard to celebrate your team! Proud parents and family members can wear them to work to show their support.

Interested in custom sports lanyards for your school or organization? No problem! We have many different styles available. Check out our custom lanyards page and pick the type of lanyard you need. Our team is here to help!

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