6 Easy Tips for Designing a Great Pin

6 Easy Tips for Designing a Great Pin

Posted by PinMart on Apr 1st 2020

6 Easy Tips for Designing a Great Pin

Designing a great lapel pin is different than creating artwork that will look good in print or on-line. With pin design your dealing with a much smaller template that has its own challenges; now add to that the fact that pins are made of metal, not ink and paper. The 6 tips below will give you the tools and guidelines that our designers here at PinMart use on a daily basis when designing lapel pins.
  1. Consider your goals! The first thing you need to determine when designing a pin is: what is the design supposed to represent or recognize? Who do you plan on giving this pin to? Consider your recipient’s demographics and market segmentation? Is this a promotional give-a-way or corporate recognition? All these uses will impact your design.
  2. Size does matter!The size of your pin is important in many ways. You want to pick a size that is large enough to properly display your message or logo but small enough so that people will want to wear it. The fact is the best pin design is of little use if the people you give it to will not wear it. In addition the larger the pin - the more it will cost. The vast majority of pins we make range in size from ¾” to 1-1/4”.
  3. Keep it simple! This age old adage applies perfectly to pin design. Let’s face it; you don’t have much space to deal with when designing a pin. A lapel pin is not a bumper sticker, advertising button, or billboard. The goal of your pin design should be to quickly, simply, and elegantly display you logo, commemorate an event, or award and motivate. Keep lettering and details to a minimum.
  4. Stay in shape! Your pin design by no means has to be confined to a standard shape or outline however you should make sure your design is properly balanced and weighted. You don’t want your design to look like it is going to fall over on its side when being worn.
  5. Don’t follow the rainbow! Unless your logo or an important part of your design calls for a large variety of colors try to limit your use of colors to just as many as absolutely needed. Remember, your lapel pin is jewelry not an advertising button.
  6. Buy gold or invest in silver? Keep in mind that lapel pins for all intensive purposes are jewelry; because of this most good pin designs use metal as an integral part of the design. Although there are numerous plating finishes and option the vast majority of pins are plated on gold or silver (nickel). The finish you chose should complement your pin design and the colors in it. The bottom line is: Pick the plating based on your pin design; don’t pick your pin design based on the plating color.

The purpose here is not to make you a pin designer (we do that for free), but rather to educate you on what to look for and what to avoid in your custom lapel pin design. Hopefully we can help you spend your money wisely on a design that accomplishes your goals and meets your desires.

If your interested in designing a lapel pin for your organization please contact one of our custom pin specialist at 877-746-6278 or request a quote on line>

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