Easy DIY Projects with Lapel Pins

Easy DIY Projects with Lapel Pins

Posted by Rachel Penny on Dec 2nd 2020

Easy DIY Projects

Please welcome our Guest Blogger Anna Chudzinski, a recent graduate of Loyola University and self-proclaimed DIY extraordinaire.

Today I’d like to share with you some simple DIY projects that you can make using your PinMart lapel pins.

The first DIY project is a super quick and easy way to use lapel pins that you can give to a friend or keep for yourself! It is a self-standing pin card. It’s the perfect way to gift pins because it is a note, décor piece, and gift of lapel pins all in one! The recipient can choose if they want to remove the pins from the backing and use them elsewhere, or keep it together and use it as a décor piece.

Making these is honestly so simple. All you have to do is take a rectangular piece of cardstock and fold it in half, turning it into a little “tent” that will stand up by itself. I embellished the front of mine with decorative masking tape, but you can use whatever you have on hand – stamps, stickers, or even just pens to write a handwritten note. If you’d like, you can add a personalized note inside as well. Then poke your desired pins through the front, fasten on the pin backs (the backs will be on the inside of the “tent”), and you are done!

You can gift these in so many ways. Pop one on your coworker’s desk with pins you picked out just for them and it is sure to make their day. Put one on your child’s dresser to see first thing when they wake up on a special day (pins are a wonderful way to commemorate events and achievements!) These are a great presentation option when you would like to gift pins that don’t already come as a set. These little stand-up cards are so cute, you’ll definitely want to make a few to keep for yourself!

The next DIY project is perfect for custom pins, but works just as well with stock pins. Use your pins to create take-home gifts for your next event. In the example pictured, my cousin had pins made out of the logo she designed for her wedding. Then for each place setting at the wedding, she attached the pins to a ribbon tied around a box of chocolates. Another great idea would be to attach the pins to a wider piece of ribbon to tie around napkins. Or, use the cardstock “tent” process and write names on the front to use them as table place cards! It’s the perfect way to create functional décor that doubles as a gift.

Whether you are using your favorite stock pins to spice up your desk, making a personalized gift for a friend, or using custom pins to create functional décor for an event, these simple projects are the perfect way to add a personal, creative touch.

Anna is a recent graduate from Loyola University with a degree in Creative Writing. Obviously, without question, she has what most only wish they have, and that is the gift to DIY. Personally, I'm more of a BUY type of gal. But props to her! She has been crafting since she was just a little girl and just never really stopped. It was at the young age of nine that she fell in love with crocheting. But that is only one of her many talents!  Thanks to Anna for her creative ideas!

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