Fundraising with Lapel Pins

Fundraising with Lapel Pins

Posted by PinMart on Apr 1st 2020

In today's economy, businesses must work harder to ensure their operation remains in the black. Whether you are a civic organization, an educational center or a for-profit operation looking for new ways to increase your business's bottom line, a universal solution to monetary issues includes fundraising initiatives that not only bring in money, but raise awareness for your organization or cause. Unfortunately, one of the biggest struggles when coordinating a fundraiser is finding items that are attractive, creative, conversation starters with real value. If your organization is still struggling for the perfect fundraiser, then it's time to consider fundraising with lapel pins.

Why Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins make a great fit with your business's fundraising initiatives for many reasons. First, lapel pins are small, easy to customize and can ship across the nation or globe rapidly. Furthermore, lapel pins are fashionable, always in good taste and provide the recipient an understated way to note pride in achievements and accomplishments. Additionally, lapel pins serve as a great conversation starter when those wearing your business's lapel pins go into the community and mingle, building curiosity and answering questions about what the lapel pin was awarded for in the first place. Finally, lapel pins are a great way to encourage passersby to donate five or ten dollars to a great cause and walk away with something to show for it. Obviously, there are many more reasons that lapel pins make great fundraising options, but these few should be enough to get your own creative juices flowing.

Lapel Pins & Awareness Events

In many organizations, fundraising events aren't coordinated merely to raise money, but awareness as well. In these instances, attracting media attention or inspiring warm and fuzzy feelings in participants is just as important as bringing in dollars and donors. Naturally, lapel pins can be an interesting and creative component of the “swag bags” distributed at charity walks, fundraising events and other gatherings where awareness is the primary motivation. Even if your business is only sponsoring an awareness event, you can glean great PR by sponsoring a swag bag with an attractive, custom lapel pin to commemorate the cause.

Lapel Pins for Clubs, Associations and Organizations

Since clubs and associations are generally 100% member funded, finding the perfect fundraising item can be difficult. This is because fundraising initiatives in clubs and associations are generally ongoing, constantly fluxing from one to the next as the months of the calendar change and fade. In January, it might be bulbs for bloom in spring in summer. In February, there are Valentine's Day items and activities. As you can see, you can constantly change your fundraising lapel pins to reflect these alterations. Each month, you can easily create a new complimentary lapel pin that can take your fundraising efforts into a whole new level.

You can also rely on lapel pins to create a sense of exclusivity by creating lapel pins to commemorate Presidents, Chairpersons, the biggest fundraiser and other important milestones in the club or association. Lapel pins are constructed of durable, attractive and customizable materials that will easily withstand the test of time and taste, holding on to their value well into the future. They can also work as visible reminders of when a certain participant has reached a fundraising or donation threshold within the organization.

Lapel Pins in Schools & Sports

Public funding is in short supply everywhere, so more schools and sports associations must turn to traditional fundraising options to fill budgetary gaps. Customizable lapel pins mean that your pins can show off your school's name, logo, mascot, or team name. Pins can be sold at events, in the bookstore, or given to boosters for their fundraising efforts. Furthermore, if you are hosting an annual event, lapel pins make a natural collectible item that can build serious sentimental value to those who hold onto them over the years.

It isn't hard to see why so many organizations are turning to lapel pins for their fundraising events, awareness and cause campaigns and simply to recognize the efforts of those who are the lifeblood of their organizations. Is today the day your business will join the ranks of success?

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