How to Wear a Stick Pin - PinMart

How to Wear a Stick Pin - PinMart

Posted by Rachel Penny on Aug 20th 2021

What is a Stick Pin?

A stick pin is a long pin with a decorative top that is typically worn vertically. Their traditional purpose was to make sure that ties and scarfs stayed in place, but today they're worn as an elegant accessory.

History of Stick Pins

Stick pins can be worn by anyone, although they were initially worn mostly by men to hold their cravat, or tie, in place. By the 1890s, stick pins were beginning to be worn by women, and both stick pins and hat pins emerged within women's fashion circles. Hat pins became even more popular because of the transition from bonnets to hats, which allowed for more freedom but also required a pin to keep them in place. After the early-1900s, stick pins became less popular since clothes became more streamlined, and the mass production of buttons and zippers meant that pins weren't as necessary as they once had been.

How to Wear a Stick Pin

Today, stick pins can be worn and used as an accessory in a multitude of ways. Here are some ways to incorporate stick pins into your everyday fashion choices.

Secure your tie

To wear the stick pin as a classic tie pin, you'll push the pin through the middle of a tie, a couple inches under the knot. Then push the pin through your shirt and back to rest underneath the tie and secure your pin cap. If you lose the backing for your stick pin, a replacement stick pin cap can ensure you don't accidentally prick yourself.

Decorate your jacket or blazer

Stick pins with decorative tops are a great way to personalize jackets and blazers. You can incorporate one, or line up an array of pins, along a lapel to add an elegant touch to your outfit. Use stick pins to hold down any light scarves that could blow around in the wind if you're heading outdoors. They are also useful for holding down chunky knit scarves so that you don't have to wind them around yourself and create bulk.

Accessorize formal wear

If you're looking for a way to coordinate outfits for a wedding party, adding stick pins with flowers is a great way to show that you are part of the wedding and to create a unified theme across groomsmen or bridesmaids. Simply add stick pin jewelry in the lapel of jackets or as a tie pin to create extra flair for groomsmen. Coordinate color choices so that the flower pins compliment the wedding theme or use them to contrast against the wedding party's attire.

Give hats some color

Although hat pins were developed to keep women's hats in place, you can also use a shorter stick pin to decorate your hats. Add a stick pin with a gemstone or flower anywhere on your hat to customize your headwear and add some supplemental contrast.

Accessorize your bags

Add stick pins to clutches, backpacks, handbags, or laptop bags when you feel like they're starting to feel bland. No need to purchase a new bag when you can simply add some accessories and give yours an upgrade! Be careful that you're not puncturing through leather or other materials that could be damaged and make sure to place your stick pin away from zippers or areas that will rub against your body and cause irritation.

Display patriotism

Want a more discreet way to show your patriotism year-round instead of only during related holidays? Add an American flag or eagle stick pin to your uniform or outfit! There are even military branch stick pins that can be worn singularly or paired with lapel pins and other patriotic products to show US pride.

Stick pin jewelry is a great way to personalize and accessorize. Look into different stick pin designs or pair them up with lapel pins to incorporate more style into your clothing today!

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