Ultimate Gift Guide to Personalized Pins & Patches

Ultimate Gift Guide to Personalized Pins & Patches

Posted by Rachel Penny on Dec 2nd 2020

Even though there are a wealth of gift guides to browse through, it can still be difficult to find the perfect solution. Finding a trendy gift for Millennials can be especially hard, which is why we created a guide to the ultimate personalized and creative option to please everybody, from your nephew to your grandmother.

How to Give Pins as Gifts

Shopping for any generation is tough – finding that perfect balance between budget, thoughtfulness, and practicality can be tricky. This makes a personal gift of pins and patches ideal. Mix and match a combination that reflects personalities, hobbies, inside jokes, or shared moments. Pins and patches can be packaged in many ways too!

  • Attach them on a backpack for kids
  • Give them to a co-worker on a cardboard frame
  • Pin them onto jacket or shirt pockets for fashionistas
  • Decorate a baseball cap or winter hat
  • Combine pins with a pennant display for the collector
  • Pair them with a vintage purse for the trendsetter
  • Push them into a picture frame with a photo of you and your loved one
  • Give them with a DIY craft project for the creative in your life

We created categories to help spark your ingenuity and find the perfect pin or patch gift.

Creative Gift Inspiration

Animal Pins – Cute, stylish, and trendy, you'll find animal themed pins popular for fashionistas and animal lovers alike so they can show their support for cute and quirky creatures.

Nature Pins – These adventure pins are a great way to show your passion for the outdoors by adding them to camera straps, jackets, or backpacks. They can even be added to Fido's leash on hiking adventures!

Plant Pins – These are ideal for the gardener in your life or even someone who doesn’t have a green thumb. Pretty pops of color and no weeding or watering necessary!

Fashion Pins – It can be hard to pick out clothing, jewelry, or accessories for fashionistas, so choose fun, trendy pins that are sure to delight even the pickiest fashionmonger.

Yoga Pins – Yogis will be able to decorate their yoga bag or prop these next to their meditation candles to help achieve that Zen feeling. Rest in Savasana. Namaste.

Pins for Travelers - Looking for a gift for someone with wanderlust? These are perfect to attach to a backpack, camera strap, or hat and small enough that your globe-trotting and adventure-seeking friend can bring them on their travels.

Pins for Pet Lovers – Pet owners will rejoice when they receive a pet-look-alike pin of their pup.

Ocean Pins – Sea life pins can double as support pins for cleaning up oceans, sustainable fishing, and protecting coral reefs while giving your outfit or bag an eye-catching upgrade.

Patriotic Pins – Sport these on your clothes in a variety of shapes and proudly show your patriotism during events or any day of the year you're proud to be an American.

For Bikers – Even bikers are fashion conscious. Give them a gift that reminds them of their passion and adds a dash of style to their motorcycle gear or clothing.

Texas Pride – There's USA proud, and then there's Texas-proud. These are a great way to show your love for the Lone Star State, which was once its own country. Independent from 1836 to 1846, the Republic of Texas has deep roots that have been passed down generation to generation.

Video Game Pins – Also known as badges of fandom, players can unite with old but never forgotten gaming consoles.

Retro – Record players and vinyls are making a comeback, and these retro pins will bring back the feel of the good ‘ol days when good vibes, rock and roll, and manicured facial hair were all the rage.

Eco-Friendly – Show your support for our Mother Earth and promote clean living and sustainable choices. These can double as giveaway pins for any awareness events too!

Foodie – Food themed décor and clothing has made a comeback in recent years, with pineapple lamps and hot sauce t-shirts appearing on our social media. Perfect for the foodie in your life or the fashion-forward dresser.

State Patches – You can wear your heart on your sleeve and your state flag too. Cover up holes, or decorate clothes or backpacks with stylish state flag patches.

Men's Fashion Stick Pins – Stick pins are a subtle men's fashion accessory that can add flair to a plain suit with a splash of color or cool shape. They were a large part of fashion in the past, and are making a comeback for keeping ties and scarves in place.

Inspiration – These pins are perfect for the parents, coworkers, teachers, or coaches that want to encourage or reward!

Gifting Pins in Style

Whether you want to celebrate, inspire, personalize, or just make your friend or loved one smile, pins are a fun and affordable gift for anyone. There are even fun ways to package these for any occasion. Some DIY options include self-standing pin cards, jewelry boxes, or even including pins on an item you want to gift such as clothing or gear.

Pins are perfect for any special occasion – whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or to commemorate an awareness cause or event. Giving a personalized gift allows you to express your creativity and reflects your thoughtfulness to the receiver.

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