Scholarship Application

PinMart, Inc. Scholarship for a Cause Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the PinMart, Inc. Scholarship for a Cause. Please fill out this form, submit your essay, reference letters and transcript to be eligible.

This Scholarship's objective is to have PinMart, Inc. recognize and reward a student who has made an extraordinary contribution to a specific Awareness Cause or Community.

The 2018 PinMart Scholarship for a Cause is open to high school seniors and college undergraduate students who are legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.   

All applications will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • GPA (must be 2.50 or higher)
  • Content of essay, including creativity, clarity of details and personal importance of the awareness cause.
  • Letters of recommendation.        

Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered. Limit one application per individual. Any essay that shows a clear indication of copying or plagiarism will be disqualified.

Award Details:     

“Scholarship for a Cause”

PinMart, Inc. will contribute $1500.00 toward the education of one extraordinary student that meets these requirements and writes an essay.


Upload Your Essay


Upload Your Letters of Recommendation #1 and #2


Upload Your Transcript


Proceed through the Application. Answer all questions according to current time. All questions with * must be completed to submit this application.

Essay Submission:

Applicants (you) must submit an essay of at least 500 words detailing how you have extraordinarily contributed to a specific Awareness Cause or Community.

Submissions should include details on your involvement as it relates to the specific awareness cause. For example: Why this cause and how did it affect you? How did you help raise awareness, raise funds, show support, lead a group, or contribute time? Creativity within your essay submission is highly encouraged.

Letter of Recommendation #1 Submission:

One letter of recommendation from a person in your community who is familiar with your accomplishments. We may contact this person if we have questions. Please attach their letter of recommendation.  Their recommendation should include Name, Address, Phone Number, Relationship and Email Address.

Letter of Recommendation #2 Submission:

One letter of recommendation of support from a teacher, coach, counselor, or other academic professional. The letter should indicate the academic institution where the reference person is from.

Transcript Submission: 

A copy of your transcript is required. Unofficial transcripts are permitted, but unofficial “grade reports” are not an acceptable alternative.

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What Activities/Groups were you involved with in High School?

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List any academic community or school-related honors or awards that you have received.

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What will be your educational focus in college?

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Thank you for filling out the application for Scholarship for a Cause. Please be sure you have read over your application. Be sure all questions are complete, you have uploaded your essay, reference letters, and transcript.

Applications must be received by Sept 1st, 2018. Winner will be notified by Email by Sept 20th, 2018.

Info to Applicant:   Name and address information provided is used solely to contact the applicant.  Upon submitting the application, winners agree to be featured and mentioned on the PinMart, Inc., social media outlets, select web pages, any other PinMart Media. PinMart will ask for a photo for that purpose.