Made in the USA!


PinMart is one of the very few lapel pin manufacturers that can offer lapel pins that are 100% Made in the USA! In fact most other lapel pin companies offer only digital printed pins that are Made in the USA. At PinMart we offer US made pins in many different processes included Epoxy Hard Enamel, Die Struck, Soft Enamel, Silk Screened, and our 3 Day Rush Digital printed lapel pins.

Key Features: 100% Made in the USA using union brass. 3 Day Rush Pins Available

Best uses: Political Campaigns, Unions, Military, Patriotic Causes



Why buy American Made Lapel Pins?


There are many answers to this question however one of the most often stated reasons is: "buying American made products keeps jobs here in the USA and helps local economies". In addition, our US factories can often deliver your Made in the USA lapel pin in less time than waiting for oversees production. American made lapel pins are also the only options for many corporations, unions, political campaigns, and government agencies. These organizations feel that it is in there best interest to "buy American" whenever possible. Finally, our Made in the USA lapel pins offer a wide array of manufacturing process, options, and capabilities making it possible to fulfill most needs and designs.

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Average Production Time: 3-12 Days (depending on manufacturing process)