Woven Lanyards



The Woven Lanyard is the only manufacturing process we offer that allows your logo, or message to be sewn directly on the lanyard material. Woven lanyards use a high quality UV resistant material designed to resist fading. We also include a 2nd layer (known as the backing layer) that makes this a durable and elegant lanyard. You can select from our 20 stock material colors or we can custom dye the material to fit your needs. We carry many different attachments that will work well with any use that you have planned for you lanyard. With all of our standard features and options we can create a truly unique and 1 of a kind custom woven lanyard just for you!

Key Features: Your logo or message WOVEN into the material; Additional "Backing Layer" of material




How are they made?


We start with a premium quality high thread count polyester cotton blend material and we color it with a UV resistant color-fast dye that will not fade or wear off. Next we take your digitized text or artwork and sew it directly on the lanyard material. After the sewing process we add a 2nd layer or “backing layer” to the backside of the lanyard so that any unwanted reverse stitching does not show. Finally, we add the attachment and options of your choice and inspect your lanyards to insure their premium quality.


Average Production Time: 15 Days