Cloisonne' Hard Enamel Pins






Key Features: Smooth glassy finish without the need for epoxy varnish. 20% thicker than other die struck pins.

Best uses: When you want the best! Corporate Identity, Anniversary Pins & Service Pins.





Free Artwork - Free UPS Ground Shipping - Free Virtual Sample - Free Die Charge!

Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique developed centuries ago in China during the Ming dynasty. The craft is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items. Also called hard enamel, cloisonné lapel pins are true jewelry grade products and are often viewed as collectibles. There simply is no higher quality lapel pin or greater perceived value than cloisonné hard enamel. 


Example Pricing:


Price Includes: Up to 4 enamel colors, choice of plating, clutch backing, individual poly bag, Free die charge, Free UPS ground shipping.

 *Many other sizes and quantities available. The above prices are example prices only based on standard finishes and attachments. For an exact price based on your design and options please fill out our Detailed Quote Request form, or call us at 877-PINMART.

How are Cloisonné Pins made? 

We start by making a die with your design in it and we use this die to strike your design in a copper or brass base metal. A trim tool is then used to carefully cut out the outside shape of your lapel pin. The art of Cloisonné uses “Frit” (glass crushed to a powder and mixed with water to create a paste) to fill the recessed areas in your design. The frit is added to the design similar to a paint by number process. When all the recessed areas are filled we bake the pin at 1600 degrees and the frit melts and flows smoothly and fills all voids. Baking the pin at these temperatures hardens the frit and this is where the term Hard Enamel comes from. After cooling, the pin is then ground with a series of stones and polished to a smooth finish. The next step is electroplating; during this process all the exposed metal is coated (plated) in your choice of metal colors. The last step is to add the attachments of your choice and package your finished custom made Cloisonné Lapel Pin.



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