Military Coins

Military Challenge Coins Honor Your Service

Challenge coins come from the military tradition and symbolize the holder's membership in a specific unit or group. Military coins are as popular and as meaningful as ever – and you'll find the perfect coin to commemorate your service or the service of others at PinMart. 

Our die struck U.S. Military challenge coins are made with quality and care, plated with gold or nickel, and filled with bright, beautiful enamel colors on both sides. You'll find a variety of designs available, but many of our military challenge coins include the symbol of the service branch and the motto. Explore our selection and find military coins for each branch of service: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. We also have stunning designs for prayer challenge coins, Veteran coins, and female Veteran coins.

Personalize Your Military Challenge Coins

Many of our officially licensed US Military challenge coins are engravable. Personalize them with meaningful messages or dates of service as a thoughtful gift for Veterans or active-duty members of your family. Messages could include an acknowledgment or appreciation of service, as well as a slogan or motto shared among members of a unit. To make each military commemorative coin feel extra special, our collection includes a beautiful coin presentation box. 

For Reunions & Special Events

Military coins make excellent gifts for friends and loved ones, and they are also ideal as commemorative tokens for those attending a reunion of a specific branch, unit, or related organization. Order military coins in bulk for your next event, and pass them out as a way to celebrate, show respect, and come together. Our military challenge coins are each shipped in a pouch or sleeve for added protection.

Interested in custom military coins with your own special design or have questions? Give us a call at 1-877-PINMART (1-877-746-6278). Our specialists can help you create the perfect custom military challenge coin to share with loved ones, friends, and members of your unit.  Check out our custom challenge coin page for more details.

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