Military Patches

Carefully crafted with high-quality materials and professional stitching, military patches from PinMart are a meaningful way to honor those who have served our country. These military uniform patches are used to show appreciation and acknowledge the years of service, as well as the sacrifice of those men and women in the armed forces.

We carry a variety of patches for military service branches, including the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. When purchasing one of our military patches for sale, choose from a variety of familiar and meaningful designs, emblems, and seals. Most of our military morale patches can be purchased individually, but you'll save money when you buy them in bulk.

Quality Armed Forces Patches for Service Branches

Our military embroidered patches are used to represent different service branches, units, and divisions. These U.S. armed forces patches represent the achievements of those who served our country and allow them to show a sense of pride when wearing the patches. Alongside the many U.S. military rank patches that we offer, you'll find a wide selection of related designs. Choose from stars embroidered with gold, silver, or bronze thread, several different ribbon patches, and a number of American flags. We also carry right-arm or "reverse side" flags so that these military patches for jackets or shirts can be worn with the star field facing forward, on the flag's own right.

These military unit patches are often used to adorn uniforms and have specific placements. Our military patches for sale can also be placed on flags, backpacks, and military equipment, and can be displayed in shadow boxes.

An evocative gift, military patches can be given away at reunions, meet-ups, and other occasions. Our mini-patch applique ribbons come in sheets and are perfect for distributing at fundraisers, parades, and other events. Whether you prefer adhesive, sew-on, or military iron-on patches, we have a great selection available.

Create Your Own Custom Military Patches

Do you want to create custom military patches to honor your unit or a specific event? Our experienced custom embroidered patches department can take your idea and make it a reality. Visit our custom patches page to learn more about your options. Just fill out our quote request form to start the patch creation process! We respond to all online quote requests quickly and can typically ship your completed custom military name patches in about two weeks.

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