World Flag Pins

At PinMart, we pride ourselves on offering more world flag pins than any other pin maker. Shop our complete line of world flag pins, crossed flag pins, and friendship flag pins. Our world flag pin selection is perfect for veteran and civic groups, embassies, national associations, travelers, or anyone who wants to show their national pride with a world flag lapel pin.

Take Our World Flag Pins Across the Globe

Traveling to another country? Why not bring some crossed flag pins that feature the American flag and the flag of the country you're traveling to? Our crossed flag pins are a great way to celebrate bonds with global relatives and friends, and they send a message of unity between two nations. Our country flag pins also make great gifts to hand out while traveling abroad, and they could also be used as part of a welcome gift for foreign exchange students or travelers entering the United States.

Want to celebrate a union, organization, or continent? Our world flag pins collection includes NATO flag pins, European Union flag pins and other global pins.

Looking for More United States Flag Pins?

We have separate categories that include even more American flags. Shop our American flag pins or state flag pins. We also carry a wide range of patriotic lapel pins. Shop these categories alongside our selection of world flag pins, and create a decorative display that celebrates your family’s roots and history from across the globe.

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