Child Abuse Awareness

The statistics about child abuse in the U.S. are astounding, with the abuse of a child being reported every ten seconds. Child abuse occurs within all ethnicities, religions and social economic levels. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and you can show your encouragement with a child abuse ribbon, pin or bracelet from PinMart.

Whether you are an advocate or know someone who has been affected, our child abuse awareness products are a great way to show your desire to end the abuse of children in this country. Our ribbons and pins are ideal for giveaways to participants in fundraisers, walks and awareness campaigns. Order child abuse awareness ribbons in bulk to share at your next event or rubber bracelets for a school assembly.

Are you looking for customized child abuse awareness pins? Many of our pins and other products can be customized with your organization's name, the name of an event, or even a logo. Call our custom products specialists today at 877-746-6278 to learn more about what we can create for you.

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