Cufflinks Make Any Day Special

Whether you're looking for the perfect initial cufflinks to wear to your daughter's wedding or want a pair for regular wear, our selection of men’s cufflinks offers beautiful designs and unmatched elegance. Our collection includes classic designs like the American flag and anchor cufflinks, as well as fun, personal symbols, such as state flags, masonic symbols, and political symbols. Our men's cufflinks all feature a T-bar swivel fastener, and many are available in gold or nickel plating options.

While some men do choose to wear personalized cufflinks as a part of their daily wardrobe, they are often reserved for special occasions such as weddings, charity dinners, and other formal events. Men's cufflinks make ideal gifts for groomsmen or ushers, giving them something unique to remember your special day. For your next charity event, consider meaningful awareness ribbon cufflinks, available in six of the most common cause-related colors. Our beautiful, round military cufflinks are available for each branch of service and are perfect gifts for a loved one who served. Beyond each branch of service, we offer nautical wheel and eagle cufflink designs. Plus, many of our military cufflinks are available in sets with matching men’s tie clips, which can be engraved for an extra personal touch. 

We Make Custom Cufflinks, Too!

For a gift or special commemoration, many opt for custom cufflinks. The beauty behind going custom is that you can order your own special initial cufflink design or some other emblem or symbol important to either you or the recipient. At PinMart, our specialists are happy to discuss custom cufflink options with you. Simply give us a call at 1-877-PINMART (1-877-746-6278) or contact us by email. 

How Are Cufflinks Worn?

Men’s cufflinks are relatively simple to wear, although they can be a bit tricky to fasten with your non-dominant hand. Hold both sides of the cuff together, with the edges and holes aligned. Turn the T-bar fastener to a vertical position and slip it through the holes on both cuffs; turn the bar back to horizontal to keep it in place. The decorative part of the cufflink should be visible when your arm is lowered at your side.

You will need a dress shirt with cuffs designed for cufflinks; the appropriate type of shirt will have what looks like buttonholes on both sides of the cuff. Most often, you'll want a French cuff (sometimes called a double cuff) shirt, which is designed with holes on either side of the cuff for men's cufflinks. These shirts are considered quite formal (they're what you'll often see men wear at a wedding), but slightly more casual styles have become available for men looking to dress up their business casual wardrobe. If you want to buy personalized cufflinks but prefer more of an everyday shirt, look for a barrel cuff dress shirt with an extra hole next to the buttons. Although they aren't very common, this type of shirt can be worn buttoned or with your favorite cufflinks.

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