American Flag Pins

We offer an extensive selection of American flag pins for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for an American flag lapel pin to adorn your formalwear or a commemorative pin to honor retired veterans, our comprehensive selection has you covered. We sell American flag pins that commemorate military service, awareness causes, religious beliefs and important dates and events. Show your patriotism anywhere with one of our US flag pins, and let everyone know how much pride you have.

American Flag Pins for Suits

Our American flag pins are high-quality and stunning. Complete your look with an American flag pin for your suit, and let freedom ring on your lapel. We sell some of our American flag pins in two-piece and three-piece sets, so you can order matching lapel pins for everyone in your family or friend group.

American Flag Pins For Every State

We carry crossed American flag pins, which feature a US flag lapel pin intertwined with a state flag or the flag of another country. Find a crossed American flag pin featuring your home state, or order one with a foreign country to commemorate an important alliance or international friendship. On your next travel abroad, why not take some of these crossed US flag pins to share? When you order American flag lapel pins in bulk, you'll get a discount!

Create Your Own Custom American Flag Pin

Don't see the American flag pin you are looking for? We can create a custom pin design just for you. Simply give one of our custom pin specialists a call at 877-746-6278 to discuss your needs. The process is easy and affordable.

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