Hobbies & Interests

Shop hobby pins, and find stunning designs that celebrate your interests. Whether you’re big into crafting, love to travel, or want to share your obsession for card games or other activities, our hobby pins include a wide assortment of designs. Show off your sign with one of our zodiac pins, or add some flair for poker night with our playing card pins.

Our hobby pin collection includes hundreds of die-struck, 3D die-cast, rhinestone, and hard enamel pins. Each pin is carefully made from jeweler's metal; plated, polished, and/or colored with enamel; and individually packaged. Hobby pins are perfect for giving to friends or family members as a gift or token to remember a shared interest or event. Buy a Statue of Liberty pin to remember your last trip to New York, or get a batch of comedy and tragedy mask pins to share with your whole theater group! Every one of these decorative pins can be a meaningful way to celebrate your interests.

For special events, these decorative pins offer a gorgeous piece of flair that accentuates your style. Having a party or event along a coastline? Antique sailboat pins pair nicely with any outfit and can be a fun talking point! Find airplanes, bicycles, aviator sunglasses, cameras, guitars, and other fun lifestyle pins as well, providing you with unique opportunities to dress to impress wherever you go.

Don't see what you need? We can create a custom design for your hobby or interest that's just for you. Simply give one of our custom pin specialists a call at 877-746-6278 to get the process started! You can also visit our custom pins page to see the many available styles and options available and to start your custom hobby pin quote. We have years of experience making pins, and you'll enjoy our low prices, outstanding quality, and quick turnaround times.


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