Varsity Pins

Celebrate your star athlete with a high-quality varsity pin from PinMart! Being on a varsity-level sports team is a sign of great athletic ability. Only the best athletes are allowed on top-tier teams, and these skilled individuals deserve public recognition of their abilities. Handing out pins, known as varsity pins or chenille pins, to members of a varsity team is a time-honored tradition that recognizes their athletic achievement. Reward deserving members of your team with a beautifully crafted varsity pin today!

The Purpose of a Varsity Letter Pin

A varsity pin is typically handed out to members of a varsity-level sports team as a sign of their membership. To individuals who are on the team for the first year, the pin is given along with the varsity letter, an embroidered patch displaying the team’s logo. Individuals who are on the varsity team for two or more years are typically not given more letters, instead receiving another varsity jacket pin for each year they are on the team. Naturally, you don’t want to give out the same lapel pin, which is why we offer a variety of varsity letter pins. Sport these letter jacket pins on the left chest area of a letterman jacket, alongside the varsity letter and first-year pins. For a little bit of extra flair, consider adding a mascot pin or another chenille pin signifying accomplishment and membership into this exclusive group of athletes.

Varsity Pins at PinMart

PinMart carries a wide variety of varsity pins to fit the needs of every team. We have pins for every different sport: hockey, football, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball and more! We also have varsity jacket pins shaped like many common mascots, including bulldogs, cougars, and pirates. Each pin is plated in gold to give it a lustrous shine, and includes an extra-long post to allow it to be pinned through a varsity letter. Outfit your star athletes today with varsity pins that stand out and highlight their commitment and excellence on the team.

Looking for Custom Varsity Pins?

If you have a custom varsity pin design in mind, check out our custom pin page for more information on the pin-making process, as well as options on what kind of varsity jacket pins you could have custom-made. Ready to order? Give us a call at 877-746-6278 to speak to our helpful pin specialists!

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