First Responder Coins

Honor Those Who Serve Others

From the military tradition that symbolizes one's membership in a particular unit or branch of service, first responder challenge coins are a wonderful way to commemorate your service to others. There's a bond between those who serve together, be it in a hospital or on the streets, and we remember those we worked alongside throughout our lives. Buy high-quality first responder challenge coins from PinMart as a memento of your service, or give them to your colleagues to strengthen your bond. These coins also make great gifts for family and friends who work to save lives and protect others.

Our first responder coins are made with a high-quality cloisonné process, hard enamel filled with bright, durable colors. Each coin is plated in jewelry-quality metal and polished to a shine before being placed in a protective sleeve for shipping. Many of our first responder coins are also engravable, so you can add your personalized message to one side of the coin.

For First Responders of Every Stripe & Color

Our assortment includes beautiful designs for Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line, firefighter and police coins, EMS challenge coins, and other emergency professionals. For that extra unique touch, order your first responder coins with a special presentation box. If you’re ordering coins as a gift for fellow EMS professionals, officers or firefighters down at the station, save on the cost per unit on bulk orders of 5 or more! It’s our way of saying thanks for your dedication, honor, and commitment to saving lives.  

Want to create a first responder challenge coin with your own custom design? Learn about your options, and start your online quote on our custom coins page.

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