Religious Pins

Share Your Faith with Religious Pins

Religious pins are a quiet but meaningful way to share your beliefs with others. From guardian angels to peaceful doves, crosses, the Star of David, and yin and yang symbols, we carry a complete line of religious pins and church pins that are well-suited for your congregation or event. Whether you want to purchase religious pins to share with others or are looking for a selection of beautiful pins that reflect your personal spiritual beliefs, our selection of pins includes products for many religions, denominations, faiths, and followings. Take pride in your passion for your God or belief. These beautiful religious pins are made from high-quality materials designed to last.

Wearing a church pin can indicate your membership in a particular faith group or denomination, and it may encourage others to ask you questions about your belief system. Others prefer to wear religious pins as a way to show their belief in certain spiritual concepts or reflect a particular area of interest. No matter your beliefs, our lapel pins will let you share them with others. Our religious lapel pin collection includes colorful soft enamel pins, die struck and 3D products, and a variety of designs in beautiful gold and silver finishes. Most of our religious pins are available as single pieces, but you'll usually save money per piece when you buy in batches of 5 or more. Why not buy church pins for your family, friends, or congregation?

Spread Goodwill & Love

Along with religious symbols and emblems of faith, we offer a variety of beautiful guardian angel and dove pins. Many people wear guardian angel pins on their lapels as a reminder that no one is alone. Guardian angel pins are often used as a message of love and support, be it for ourselves or loved ones close to us. Sport your own guardian angel pin, and let others around you bear witness to this message of support. Dove pins, on the other hand, are most closely associated with peace. People often wear dove pins on important religious holidays, as well as a reminder to turn the other cheek and approach every person on the planet with love, kindness, and an open attitude. Shop through our selection of dove and guardian angel pins, and find the perfect message to convey to the world.

Design Your Own Custom Church Pins

Our selection of religious pins includes many options, but if you don't see what you need, we are here to help. We can make custom pins for you complete with your church name or congregation, the name of an event, or another custom design. Visit our custom pins page to learn about your many options and start your quote, or give one of our custom pin specialists a call at 877-746-6278.

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