Let’s Get Started. Select a Custom Challenge Coin Type

Customizing your challenge coin is a great way to make your coin unique and personal. The design of the coin can be tailored to reflect the values, mission, or history of your organization. We do all the work; upload your design file or describe the design you want on your challenge coin and our team of artists will create it for you! Working with our specialists makes designing your own challenge coin easy!

How to Make Custom Challenge Coins in 3 Easy Steps

We make designing custom challenge coins fun, fast, and easy. Costs vary based on the size of the coin and the complexity of the design. Please send us a quote request for complete details. We will work with you to create your design and choose the right options for your custom challenge coin.

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Step 1: Get Quote or Add to Cart

Fill out our easy-to-use quote form or simply check out with select processes. Either way, you’ll be provided with clear details and exact prices.

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Step 2: Get Free Art

All custom orders include free art/designs with unlimited revisions. Don’t worry… we won’t start making your custom coin until you are 100% satisfied with your design.

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Step 3: Approve & Order

Approve your custom art/design and finalize your order. Your custom challenge coin ships to you in as little as 3 business days. After you’ve received your order, follow up with a great review!

How to Select the Right Custom Coin Process

Our custom challenge coins are made from high-quality, durable materials, so you can carry them with you or display your coins for years to come. We offer multiple processes, including die struck, soft enamel, hard enamel, USA enamel, quick ship, and custom wood challenge coins.

Creating the Perfect Custom Challenge Coin

Ready to make your own custom challenge coin? In our detailed video, explore our unique processes for creating custom challenge coins. From die struck, soft and hard enamel, USA enamel, quick ship, to custom wood challenge coins, we have options available that will enhance your design. If you still have questions, please call Customer Care at 1-877-PINMART (1-877-746-6278) Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why PinMart

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More Than 14,000 Real & Verified Reviews

At PinMart, we aim for excellent customer service. Our customers agree, as we have a 98% positive review score. Over 12,000 of our reviews are 5-star verified reviews!

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Free Custom Challenge Coin Art/Design Proofs

Tell us your idea for a custom challenge coin, and we’ll send you an art/design proof of it for free! There are no hidden fees. If you like your concept design, finalize your order, and we’ll ship your custom challenge coins free of charge.

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PinMart has 40+ Years of Expert Experience

Our expertise in crafting challenge coins shows in the high-quality finish of the final product. At PinMart, we have been making custom challenge coins for over 40 years with many 5-star ratings from our customers.

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Beautiful Presentation & Packaging

We offer multiple choices for the presentation and packaging of your challenge coin order. Your challenge coins are inserted in a protective vinyl pouch, or you may upgrade to a velour pouch or a velour coin gift box!


We pride ourselves on high-quality custom challenge coins! See what our customers say about our attention to detail and excellent service.

Noelia R.

"Came on time and are very nice and I am very pleased."

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"Arrived I was blown away! We will for sure be using Pinmart again in the future."


"Recipients are delighted with the coin. Thank you!"

Custom Challenge Coin FAQs

  • What is a Challenge Coin?

    A Challenge Coin is a small two-sided coin or medallion that bears a logo or insignia of a particular organization. The purpose of a custom challenge coin is to show affiliation or membership with an entity such as a military unit, club, law enforcement, fire department, or given for achievement. Challenge coins make for a perfect commemorative item or gift that can be displayed in many ways. Create a lasting bond when you give a custom challenge coin.

  • How Do I Make a Custom Challenge Coin?

    Select from our custom challenge coin processes, upload your challenge coin design artwork and fill out the appropriate quote request form. We’ll then send you a quote to make your custom challenge coins. PinMart has been a custom challenge coin maker for over 40 years of expert service with 5-star ratings from happy customers.

  • How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost?

    PinMart’s custom challenge coins can cost as little as $1.95 each. While the cost of each custom challenge coin varies by the size of your order, we can accommodate a wide range of budgets by working with you on the size, thickness, plating, colors, and other options. We have no minimum order size, but the more you order, the lower the price per custom challenge coin will be.

  • What Is the Origin of Military Challenge Coins?

    The term challenge coin has multiple origin stories, all filled with rich military history. In addition to the U.S. Army Air Service story, wherein U.S. Army Air Service volunteers were the first to receive challenge coins, another backstory dictates who picks up the tab. Military lore indicates that individuals would need to show a challenge coin to prove their association with the military. If you were challenged and did not have a coin to show your membership, you would have to buy the challenger a drink. This practice led to the term challenge coin, as members were challenged to prove their affiliation. The tradition of military challenge coins continues widely today and has even led some units to create their own custom challenge coins.

  • Can Civilians Make Custom Challenge Coins?

    Yes! While they may trace their history to the military, custom challenge coins aren't exclusive to military units; they've made their way into the business world as custom coins bearing a corporate logo and message. Many businesses and volunteer organizations now use custom challenge coins to commemorate anniversaries, recognize an achievement, or as trade show giveaways. Coins are a sign of membership and unity, and creating a custom challenge coin design for your organization makes them unique tokens.

No Time to Make A Custom Challenge Coin?

Check Out Our In-Stock Challenge Coin Designs

We have dozens of challenge coin designs in our collection. Explore our selection of First Responder, military, recognition & service, and Veteran challenge coins.

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