Funny Pins

When you wear a lapel pin, you’re trying to show a bit of your personality to everyone around you without having to say a word. If you want to show the world your sense of humor, our collection of funny pins is perfect for you! Display your fun side with our funny enamel pins that are certain to put a smile on your face, as well as on the faces of those around you.

Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed by Funny Pins at PinMart

Our funny pins are created by our talented in-house design team who work to represent a wide range of concepts, demographics, and pop culture references. For every sense of humor, we have a funny pin to represent it! Want an in-style pop culture reference? Try our Like A Boss pin. If you’re looking for something a little more direct, our F*%# Off Pin will tell everyone how you’re feeling at 9 AM, Monday morning. Show off your humor and wit with a funny lapel pin today!

Find Funny Pins for Backpacks

Funny pins aren’t just meant for lapels. You can show a bit of your personality anywhere, placing novelty pins on jackets, hats, and even backpacks. Shop our selection, and find the perfect assortment of funny pins for your backpack. Wherever you go — to the library, on a vacation, or to a friend’s house — you can sport your personality on your backpack with our hilarious novelty pins. Plus, our funny enamel pins make great icebreakers on trips or in an environment where you find yourself looking to make a new connection.

Novelty Pins Make Great Gifts

The great thing about novelty pins, even better than the smile they evoke, is that they’re such great gifts! Give the gift of a little personality to family members, friends, or coworkers. Find funny enamel pins that remind the recipient of an inside joke the two of you share, or give the gift of a hilarious message they’ll appreciate.

We’re More than Just Funny Lapel Pins

If you need a pin that isn’t in our collection of funny pins, that’s ok! PinMart is also a premium custom pin manufacturer, so we can meet all of your special requests. Just call us at 877-746-6278 to learn about our simple custom pin process.

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