Christian Pins

Christianity is a religion of peace, love, and hope. During difficult times, Christianity provides comfort and optimism for billions worldwide. Affirm your faith and help inspire it in others with a Christian lapel pin from PinMart.

Inspire Faith with Christian Pins

PinMart’s Christian lapel pins are designed to bring the light of the Lord to your lapel. Our collection includes both denominational and universal Christian imagery to fit your personal religious preferences. Images of angels, the cross, The Chi Rho, and others will demonstrate your faith and will spread God’s love to everyone who sees you. These beautiful christian pins are all hand- crafted from jeweler’s-grade metals to last for an eternity. Bring God’s light to the world with a Christian lapel pin from PinMart today!

Beautiful Assortment of Cross Pins

A cross pin is a very popular way to honor your faith on your lapel, and it’s a great item to wear at both informal and formal events. At PinMart, we offer a variety of unique cross pins that can demonstrate your faith and add a unique element to your lapel. We offer stained glass, high cross, gold, and engravable cross pins. If you’re looking to honor your patriotism along with your faith or commemorate someone important in your life, we have cross pins paired with American flags, the Christian flag, and a Thin Blue Line cross pin.

I Have A Special Request

If you would like a special christian pin created for your church, congregation, or ministry, we can make you custom pins to suit your needs. Simply call us at 877-746-6278.

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