Wood Pins

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wood Pins

Made with sustainably sourced Maple wood and laser etched for a unique look, our stock wooden lapel pins are a great option for those who are eco-minded, as well as individuals who want to show off their one-of-a-kind spirit. Our wood pins are lightweight but strong and durable, and look great on a jacket, hat, backpack, or anywhere you want to wear one. Completely recyclable, wood pins make great gifts for participants in summer camp, hiking clubs, eco groups, or any organization that's looking for an environmentally friendly token to give to their members.

Wooden lapel pins aren't just for people focused on eco-friendly causes, of course. From American flags to spiritual themes, our laser-etched pins bring a natural charm to any subject. These pins are made in the U.S.A. with care and precision to bring out the beauty of the wood. Buy a batch of wood pins for your club or event, or give them to friends and family who share your passions. Want to design your own wooden lapel pins? Visit our custom wood pins page to learn how quick and affordable the process can be!

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