Show Your Patriotic Spirit

From U.S. flag pins to military-style dog tags and red, white, and blue ribbon patches, you'll find an amazing selection of patriotic gifts, including pins and other items, available at PinMart! Our collection of patriotic merchandise honors the spirit of our great nation. When you buy items in batches (usually 5 or more), you'll save! Get a batch of American flag lapel pins and patches or "Support Our Troops" pins to give out at your next parade or event, or send them to friends and family.

Wearing patriotic merchandise is a great way to show your love of country, your commitment to American ideals, and your respect for the men and women who protect the U.S. Add a little flash to your lapel with a rhinestone pin in red, white, and blue or choose a yellow ribbon pin to show your support for our troops. All of these patriotic pins make terrific gifts for Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, the 4th of July, or any time of year! Consider giving out patriotic gifts to volunteers with your civic organization or political event. And don't forget to check out our selection of political pins and more!

Our American Flag Pin Collection Lets You Choose Your Style

Our collection of patriotic merchandise includes several different styles of American flag pins to choose from. We sell our American flag lapel pins individually or in convenient sets, making it easier for your family and friends to celebrate our nation. Our American flag pins also come in unique styles, like our Flag Star Pin or our fun American Flag Sunglasses Pin. We have American flag lapel pins styled in the shapes of mustaches, peace signs, hearts, the continental USA, and more. We even have American flag pins laster-etched onto wood!

Looking for a Patriotic Pin That Soars?

We offer several different patriotic pins shaped like the American Bald Eagle. Whether you’re looking for a Patriotic Soaring Eagle Pin themed after the stars and stripes or one of our gold or silver eagle pins, our selection can help you celebrate with America’s greatest and most enduring symbol. If you can’t decide between an eagle or an American flag, we do offer the Flag Eagle Pin, which combines both symbols into one unique design for an incredible patriotic gift.

Other Unique Patriotic Gifts

Our patriotic merchandise doesn’t just stop at pins and ribbons. We offer a selection of patriotic charms, patches, rubber bracelets, cufflinks, and dog tags. Our patriotic iron-on patches are designed after the American flag and the Presidential Seal, and our American flag patches can be ordered for either right or left sleeve (or both). We also offer appliques with peel-and-stick adhesive backs, which makes them easy to apply to fabric — no ironing required!

Personalize one of our many Military Gifts 

We offer products within each military branch that make gift-giving extra special by adding personalization. This makes a unique and personal recognition award, personal thank you gift, special birthday or holiday memento. Each Military branch offers a wide selection of items that can easily be personalized and shipped within one business day.  Our outstanding engravable items are an easy and classic way to gift, from tie clips and challenge coins to lapel pins, we have the perfect item to present!

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