Equality Pins

Wear a powerful statement on your lapel, backpack, or jacket with one of our high-quality, beautifully designed equality pins. At PinMart, we offer a large assortment of equal rights pins that show your support for a variety of different causes, from Black Lives Matter to LGBTQIA+ rights and women’s rights. We also offer equality lapel pins that express messages of love for people of all races, creeds, and beliefs. 

Equality Pins for Allies

Ally pins do more than help wearers show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. They’re symbols of visible inclusion, proudly displaying the wearer’s acceptance of people of all orientations. When you sport an ally pin, you’re not only letting the world know that acceptance is important but that you practice what you preach and are working toward a more equitable, diverse, and accepting society. Shop our selection of ally pins today, and find the perfect message that shows you want a better future for all. For more equality pins, you can also check out our LGBTQIA+ Pride Pins and Rainbow Pins pages. 

Find Your Pronoun Pin

Not only do pronoun pins show your willingness to recognize other people by their pronouns, but they’re also an easy way to convey how you would like to be acknowledged. At PinMart, we offer a selection of stunning pronoun pins in vibrant colors that naturally draw attention. Express yourself today, or order pronoun pins in bulk for fellow allies. When you order any of our equality pins in batches of 5 or more, you’ll save on the cost per unit. 

Create A Custom Equality Pin

Looking for a specific design, or have an idea for your own equality lapel pin? We can help! Explore our custom pins page for details on how we can bring your idea to life! No order is too small. If you’d prefer to talk to a real human, you can also contact our pin specialists at 1-877-PINMART (1-877-746-6278).

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