Stick Pins

You'll look your best when you add a men's stick pin to your suit. Wearable both as a tie pin and on a suit's lapel, stick pins give any man a classic, vintage look that is both sophisticated and stylish. Choose from a range of men's stick pins at PinMart, from flowers and rosettes to monograms, military seals, American flags, and fashion pins. Each pin is made with sturdy metal and features a safety tube attachment to cover the pointed end and keep the pin in place.

A History of Style and Sophistication

Men's stick pins have a long history, becoming very popular in the 19th century as a way for English gentlemen to secure their cravats. Tie clips became more common in the 1920s, as they minimized the damage to delicate materials such as silk that stick pins could cause. The pins have returned to popularity in recent years, however, and are especially popular to wear at formal weddings and other special occasions; the decorative piece of a men's stick pin appearing just above the vest of a three piece suit looks particularly attractive.

Pins for Every Style

At PinMart, we carry a range of stick pins to suit any style preferences. If you want to add a dash of extra personality to your wardrobe, consider a pin with a mustache or a shamrock. Flowers and silk rosettes are very traditional and look beautiful with any suit. Add a stick pin that includes your initial with a gold plated, black enamel screen printed letter, or honor those who served with a military service seal made with bright hard enamel colors. Every men's stick pin is made with care and many are available with gold or silver plating.

Shop our beautiful selection of stick pins today. Have questions? Give us a call at 1-877-746-6278.

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