COVID - 19 Awareness Pins

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot about how we work and how we interact with others. Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay home – and show your commitment to flattening the curve with our coronavirus pins. These lapel pins send a message of support to those around you and encourage positivity during this difficult time. Wear one of our COVID-19 pins to send a message of support to the doctors and nurses, delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and other essential workers who risk their health each day to help keep us well.

Our COVID-19 awareness pins not only show your support, they help remind others of what we need to do to keep ourselves and others healthy. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from others. Stay home whenever possible, and don't go out if you're not feeling well. COVID-19 pins make wonderful gifts for friends, family, and essential workers. Buy a batch of pins and send them to those you love to show that you're thinking of them. Set up a small table near your door with bottled water, snacks, and a selection of coronavirus pins as a thank you to the delivery drivers who are working so hard right now. We're stronger apart. And together – from a distance – we can all do our part.

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