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Browse our vast selection of over 2,000 enamel pins. Choose from hard enamel and soft enamel pins to achieve the perfect look. Just think of all the places you could wear enamel pins — backpacks, hats, shirts, jackets, uniforms, and so much more. Find a stylish pin to complete your outfit or a cool pin to show off your personality.

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Our large collection of in-stock enamel pins ranges from flag pins, politics, and military pins to fashion, food, and awareness pins. No matter what type of enamel lapel pin you're looking for, PinMart has you covered. Enamel pins are a great form of recognition and make great gifts for anniversaries, graduation, recognition, and more. Express yourself, brand your business, or create awareness with high quality enamel pins from PinMart.

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At PinMart, we aim for excel- lent customer service. Our customers agree, as we have a 98% positive review score. Over 12,000 of our reviews are 5-star verified reviews!



We offer more than 2,000 unique designs spanning more than 50 different categories. Our selection includes more than 1 million enamel pins in stock and ready to ship.



Get your enamel pins... FAST. Our in-stock pins ship in 24 hours or less! Combine that with our expedited shipping options and you can get your pins the next day.



Shop around… we wish you will. Nobody offers a better combination of low prices and low minimums. We have thousands of products with 1-piece minimums!

Unique Enamel Pin Designs For Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a commemorative enamel pin for a family gathering, a formal event, or just a fun design to fasten onto a jacket or a backpack, we have unique enamel pin designs for every occasion. Our collection of stock pins is unmatched in variety and inventory.

Enamel Pins to Fit Your Lifestyle

Enamel pins are a great way to express yourself. At PinMart, we strive to share in that self-expression with a selection of incredible stock pins to fit your lifestyle. Our enamel pin categories cover a wide range of different types of employment, branches of military service, cultures, beliefs, celebrations, and other interests. Watch our video to learn more about our enamel pins, and then find that special pin that speaks to you.

How to Wear Enamel Pins

There are many different ways to wear enamel pins! Since most enamel pins are fastened with a butterfly clutch, it’s easy to wear your pins wherever you please. Some wearers fasten their enamel pins on hats and jackets or backpacks, bags, and purses. For more formal settings or events, there a few rules of thumb that can help you wear enamel pins correctly.

For formal gatherings, it’s customary to attach enamel pins to the left lapel. Simply fasten the enamel pin to the upper part of the left lapel, right about where a buttonhole should be located. For women who aren’t wearing clothing with a lapel, enamel pins should be worn on the left side at about the height of where a breast pocket would be found.

Wearing more than one pin? If you’re wearing more than one pin at a formal event, arranging your pins on the left side is standard etiquette. For two pins, the second enamel pin should be placed next to the first. If wearing three, the third should be fastened neatly under the first two. For those without a lapel, enamel pins should be worn on the left-hand side. Arrange them neatly in a straight line going downward, with the first placed over where a breast pocket should be. American flag enamel pins should always be arranged closest to the heart.


We take pride in our extensive selection of high-quality enamel pins! See what our customers say about our attention to detail and top tier service.

Mary K G.

"These are the best! Love the design. Will be handing them out to Gold Star Families."

Shawn S

"They were very helpful in getting my ideas into a pin."

Darcy H.

"Great custom pins, great design and was delivered ahead of schedule. Highly recommend"

Louise W.

"“Excellent!!!! Enamel pin with engraving, very quick and perfect!!!!!!!"

Suzanne S.

"Quick and easy ordering. Shipping was fast and order was perfect! I use Pinmart all the time!"

Robert T.

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Enamel Pin FAQs

  • What is an enamel pin used for?

    An enamel pin is used to award excellence of service, to show support for all types of awareness causes, to honor military personnel, and to show off your hobbies and interests. These are displayed not only on fabric items such as lapels and lanyards, but also on backpacks, hats, jackets, and lots of other places. Enamel pins are also a great way to show a little personality.

  • What’s the difference between an “enamel pin” and a “lapel pin”?

    Technically, an enamel pin is a type of lapel pin that has been colored using enamel paints. However, people use the term “enamel pin” interchangeably with “lapel pin.” At PinMart, we offer all types of lapel pins and processes, including enamel pins. Each of our ready-made, stock pin products clearly state the process used to make it.

  • What is the difference between hard and soft enamel pins?

    The major difference between hard and soft enamel pins is the way they look and feel. With soft enamel pins, you can see and feel the raised and recessed areas of the metal and enamel. Soft enamel pins have raised metal edges that give you a textured look and feel. Hard enamel pins are of jewelry quality, with the extra step of polishing until smooth, it’s flat to the touch, a glassy feel, great for when you're looking for a durable pin with a clean finish.

  • When will my enamel pins ship!

    Most stock pin orders ship the very same day they are purchased. Choose from many different shipping options so you can get your enamel pins in time. Get free shipping on all orders over $75.

  • What is the return policy for enamel pins?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your enamel pin purchase, you can return your order within 30 days of the order ship date to receive a full refund.

  • What comes with my enamel pin order?

    Most stock enamel pins will come individually poly bagged, while engraved or personalized pins come inserted in a clear acrylic circle container and placed into a black velour pouch for the perfect presentation. Personalized Officially licensed Military and Patriotic pins are attached to an American flag presentation card (Card Size: 2-3/4" x 2") and inserted into a black glossy gift box. Please refer to the description section in your product detail page for packaging and options. We also have pin accessories like gift bags, boxes, and presentation cards to make your enamel pin even more special for use as gifts and awards.

  • Do you offer volume discounts on lapel pins?

    Yes! Many of our enamel pins come at lower prices with higher quantity purchases. The more you buy, the more you save!

  • What if I can’t find the right enamel pin?

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? If you’re looking for a specialty enamel pin not found in our selection, let us help you design your own custom pin. We have a proven 3 step process to get a custom pin made to fit your exact needs. Let our talented pin designers bring your creation to life, give us a call at 1.877.PINMART!

Can’t Find the Right Enamel Pin?

Design Your Own Custom Pins!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? If you’re looking for a specific enamel pin not found in our selection, let us help you design your own custom pin. We have a proven 3 step process to get a custom pin made to fit your exact needs. Let our talented pin designers bring your creation to life!.

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