Animal Pins

Go Wild with Animal Lapel Pins at PinMart

Find your spirit animal in our selection of animal pins. Everyone has a favorite animal. Maybe you admire the speed of a cheetah, the grace of a tiger, or the sheer size of an elephant. Embrace your wild side with an animal pin that speaks to your admiration and love of animals. Our collection of animal lapel pins are designed to please animal lovers of all stripes! Using detailed stamps, intricate enamels, and bright colors, we faithfully recreate many of the more popular species. Have you always thought sharks were the coolest? Try our Frightening Shark Pin. Or do you love the beauty of a butterfly? Check out our Monarch Butterfly Pin. Love go to bird-watching? We have a selection of beautiful bird pins that can adorn your favorite bird-watching gear.

Whether your favorite animal runs, swims, flies, or crawls, we have it at PinMart. Our animal pins make perfect gifts for animal lovers or for professionals in the animal world. Give a friend their favorite animal pin for their birthday, or give employees of an aquarium, zoo, or veterinary practice a pin as a reward for excellent performance. Animal pins are in-stock items, so they can be shipped quickly for last-minute gift needs.

Dog Pins: Lapel’s Best Friend

Have a favorite dog or a beloved family pet? We have a wide variety of dog pins for different breeds in color and antique nickel. Celebrate man’s best friend by wearing a dog pin on your lapel, or take your favorite family friend to work with a dog lapel pin on your laptop backpack or jacket. Our selection of animal pins includes cat lapel pins and paw prints in an assortment of colors as well!

I Can’t Find What I Need

If you can’t find the exact animal pin you’re looking for, that’s okay! PinMart also makes custom animal pins to fully meet the needs of our customers. To learn more about custom pins, call us at 877-746-6278 or take a moment to view our informative Custom Pin page.

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