World Patches

Celebrate the World with Country Flag Patches

Whether you've been able to travel the world or just want to celebrate your favorite countries, our world flag patches are a great choice! Each embroidered patch features the design of the country's flag, sewn in super strength rayon thread on high-quality cotton twill backing. The edges feature an attractive golf merrowed edge border finish for added durability and a clean, professional look. There durability makes them perfect for backpack flag patches. Wear world patches on your favorite jacket, your travel backpack, or give them as gifts to friends.

How to Wear Country Flag Patches

Flag patches can be worn on jackets, shirts and pants, hats, bags, and any piece of clothing or accessory that's thick enough to support the weight of the patch. Our country flag patches are available in sew-on or iron-on; if you plan to attach your patch to a non-woven material, like leather or plastic, use caution and consider which type of backing is least likely to damage the material. World patches look great when worn on the sleeve or lapel of a shirt or jacket, or add several to your travel bag to show all of the places you've visited. These flag replicas make an attractive display when combined, since they're all the same size and similar shape.

Giving World Patches as Gifts

Buying patches to wear yourself adds a fun flair to your wardrobe, but why not buy a bunch and give them to friends or family? Choose country flag patches that represent your personal or family background, or give them as remembrances of a trip or other event. If you're hosting students or visitors from another country, you could give American flag patches or state flag patches to your visitors and a flag patch from their country to members of your group.

World patches are a great way to share your interest in a country, it's culture, and its people. But if you'd like to create your own unique custom patch, we can help! Visit our custom patches page to learn more about your options and to start your quote! Have questions about country flag patches or custom patch options? Reach out to our friendly customer care team at 1-877-PINMART (1-877-746-6278) today.

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