Medical Pins

PinMart offers a large selection of professional medical pins, including nursing pins, EMS pins, doctor pins, first aid pins and rescue-related pins. We offer high-quality designs that celebrate professionals across the medical field. Shop for medical enamel pins for colleagues, family members or friends, and show them you care with a stunning gift that will look great on their uniform.

Cherish Healthcare Professionals With Medical Lapel Pins

The nursing and medical field has a longstanding tradition of collecting and wearing lapel pins related to their field of expertise. These professionals often wear medical lapel pins proudly on lanyards, scrubs and uniforms. Honor their commitment to duty and the welfare of others with gorgeous medical pins. Some of our medical lapel pins are engravable, so you can add a personalized message or mark dates of service.

Doctors, nurses and EMS workers are valued members of our communities because they take care of our health. Though they can never be fully repaid for the life-saving service they offer, one way to say thanks is with one of our white coat pins or doctor pins. Our medical pins are small tokens that they can wear while on the job, and they serve as a reminder of all of the long hours and dedication our medical professionals have given. Beyond just for medical emergencies, we offer a selection of EMS stork pins that can be given to healthcare workers after the delivery of a newborn baby. We also have a separate category for First Responder pins, which honor medical, law enforcement and fire department workers.

Make Your Own Custom Medical Pin

Have an idea for your own medical pin? Let us help you create it. Check out our custom pins, and see how we can turn your idea into a stunning, personalized gift for a beloved medical professional.

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