School & Sports Lanyards

Back to Class with School Lanyards

A terrific option for holding teacher and student identification, our school and teacher lanyards are made with high-quality polyester that has been dyed with a UV protected colorfast dye and pre-printed with fun designs, including "Class of" years and team mascot paw prints. Each of our school ID lanyards has a swivel thumb hook on the end, making it easy to attach a badge holder or identification card where it can easily be seen and used. And for added safety, our school lanyards have a safety release clip at the nape of the neck, allowing them to break away quickly when pulled. Whether you're a student, teacher, player, or a coach, school and sports lanyards are a great way to show your school spirit!

Every Student Needs a School ID Lanyard

Many schools require that students, teachers, and anyone else who works or spends time on campus wear identification, and school lanyards are often one of the simplest and most visible methods of doing so. Our lanyards and tough and durable, so you know they'll survive the challenges of the academic year. They're also made with a safety release clip, which fits most school regulations requiring a quick release feature. Buy student and teacher lanyards in your favorite color or go for a classic black with your graduation year!

If you're buying lanyards for your school, you're in luck — you can buy your favorite school and sports lanyards as individual pieces, but when you purchase in batches of 5 or more, you'll save money on each piece! We're comfortable with bulk orders and can handle as many school lanyards as you need. Why not give out sports-themed lanyards at the big game or get one for every member of the pep club? Everyone at your school needs a lanyard to celebrate your team! Proud parents and family members can wear them to work to show their support.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on teacher and school ID lanyards for your school! If you're a member of a campus organization or club, why not get matching school lanyards for all of your members? You can even create affordable custom lanyards with the colors you want and the name of your group printed on them.

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