Service Patches

Service patches are an important part of the uniform for many people. They denote important achievements and years of service for first responders, those serving our country, and people in the medical field. We offer American flag patches and patches with other symbols indicating different service roles. Our service patches for sale are made to be attached to a sleeve, a jacket, or another part of your uniform — or anyone can wear them on their hat, backpack, coat, or other apparel. Professionally embroidered with strong, durable thread, our service patches enhance the appearance of articles of clothing. These embroidered uniform patches look great no matter where you wear them! Most of these patches have an option for iron-on or sew-on backing, so you can choose the best method of attaching them, but this does vary by product.

Who Can Wear U.S. Service Patches?

While some service patches may be designed for specific uses, anyone can wear one. We carry right-arm American flag patches, for example, which look like backward U.S. flags. These service patches with the American flag are specifically made to be worn on the right sleeve of a uniform or jacket. The design allows the flag to look like it's moving in the breeze as the wearer walks forward, and is this the correct way to wear a flag patch on military uniforms and civilian clothing.

Of course, you'll find more than just flag patches in our selection! These service patches make a great gift for emergency responders, nurses and other medical professionals, and members of patriotic organizations, among other service professionals. Our assortment of service patches for sale also make great giveaways or attendance gifts at conferences, parades, and other events. These service patches can be ordered in bulk, and the more you buy, the more you save!

How Do I Wear Service & Uniform Patches?

Adorn your jacket, hat, or backpack or another bag with any of our embroidered service patches. If you're wearing your service patch on a uniform, check with your employer or organization on the correct place to wear it. These patches are often worn on the left side of the chest, but they may be attached to a sleeve or other location. When you're attaching your service patch, consider the material that you're putting it on and how the item will be used to determine if iron-on or sew-on is the best method. Sewing on a service patch can be a little more challenging and isn't possible on all materials, but it is strong and long-lasting. Iron-on service patches are easier to attach and form a strong bond but aren't a good option if the item they are attached to will be worn or laundered frequently.

Create Your Own Patches for Service Professions

Our custom service patches are a great option for a wide range of situations, but if you're looking for a unique embroidered patch for your company, organization, or event, PinMart can help! We make custom service patches that are a great high-quality, low-cost alternative to direct embroidery. Send us your design and our talented team will work with you to create the perfect patches to recognize those in service professions! Bring us your ideas, and we can help you make custom service patches with your logo, symbols, or text. Visit our custom patches page to learn more and start your quote or give us a call at 1-877-PINMART (1-877-746-6278) to get started.

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