Custom Pins Made in the USA


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Dimensional Print

Key Features
100% American Made • Ready in 10 business days! • Raised and recessed areas give it an embossed look and feel • Exposed metal in the design creates a high-end look
Best for
A high quality, American Made Pin • An embossed look in a short time frame

Digital Print Quick Ship Pins

Key Features
Clean, sharp printing excellent for detailed images • Ready in as few as 3 business days • Glossy laminate gives a high-quality look and feel • 100% American Made
Best for
Pins in under a week • Made in the USA

PinMart is proud of being one of the few lapel pin manufacturers that can offer lapel pins that are 100% American made! Unlike other lapel pin companies that can only offer a single variety of made in the USA lapel pins, PinMart offers both a high-quality digital printed pin as well as a revolutionary dimensional printed pin as available options. Digital printed pins feature a high-quality, full color print that can ship in as few as 3 days, while dimensional print pins offer a multi-layered design that looks and feels like an enamel pin. Plus, both options are competitively priced, so you don't need to sacrifice your budget to support American industry!

Key Features

  • 100% Made in the USA using union brass
  • 3 day quick ship pins available
  • Revolutionary dimensional pins showcase metal and texture
  • Get the look and feel of a die struck soft enamel pin at lower cost

Best For

  • Political campaigns
  • Union Groups
  • Military or patriotic events

Why buy American?

It's a great question and everyone has their own reasons to buy custom lapel pins made in USA. For some, it's to create and keep American jobs here in America. For others, it's to ensure the quality that only American-made products can offer or to simply support America in any way they can. We believe there is no wrong answer to this question! We even add to these great reasons with the fact that our made in the USA lapel pins can be produced in less time than it takes to create and ship pins from overseas. That means that you can meet your last-minute lapel pin needs and support our beautiful country at the same time.

 Average Production Time: 3-12 Days (depending on manufacturing process)