Presentation Cards

Presentation Cards Make a Great First Impression

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to present a custom pin or a fun take on the traditional card, our presentation cards are great keepsakes. Choose cards with mini pins that are perfect for holidays and make thoughtful gifts, or larger cards that double as a pin display and are inspirational or appreciative. Our recognition cards also make great employee gifts and can even be paired with your own custom pin design!

Looking for a way to show your gratitude to those who have been helpful or worked hard? Need a way to honor or commemorate an event? Show appreciation with a thank you card — whether it’s for military service or an acknowledgement of one’s effort and hard work, the gesture will surely be appreciated.

Why choose presentation cards from PinMart?

Our presentation cards are made from strong card stock and come in an array of options that can be used for events, awareness causes, or even in the workplace. Whether they’re presented to volunteers, employees, or team members, presentation cards are a perfect way to motivate, reward, inspire, and thank others.

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